‘Elegant and Impactful’ A Delicate Essex Wedding At Braxted Park

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Braxted Park Estate stunning Georgian Mansion in Essex

Braxted Park Estate set the scene for the union of our lovely couple, Melissa and Kobina. With its expansive greenery and perfectly manicured lawns, it is the perfect place to host any magical event. Avid fans of the hit Netflix series ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ would be amused to know that the wall from *that* scene from the series, (the one Charlotte tried to climb) is featured in the photo gallery from the wedding. Imagine the bride’s delight at having this as the backdrop for her portrait shots with her now husband. She lived in her own Bridgerton story fantasy!

The Unspoken Theme of The Day Was Love and Warmth

The day was truly a celebration of love as was evident by the heartfelt speeches from both family and friends of the couple. Simply witnessing the interactions between the bridal party, the love in the room was palpable. Majority of the guests in attendance turned off their devices where necessary and fully immersed themselves in the experience! The Groom humorously turned off his phone on the day and routed all requests to his best man. Further to this, he couldn’t get enough of the unlimited strawberry Mojito’s from crushers delight. If that’s not commitment to having a good time, I don’t know what is!

Additionally, this couple were down- to-earth, easy going and so fun to work with! It felt fulfilling to take a step back on the day and watch the couple enjoy the many months of planning come to fruition (when we weren’t running around pulling strings behind the scenes! ).The Couple’s delight at seeing the reception hall decorated after only viewing vision boards was something to remember. It makes all the sleepless nights worth it!

The wedding party brought the positive energy and excitement

Although the weather was not the warmest, the guests brought the heat! The couple were in high spirits and were determined to enjoy their day with their energetic wedding party cheering them on, come rain or sunshine! Situations like these remind us why it is so important to pick your wedding party wisely. You have to consider how they would positively influence your mood and overall experience on the day.

Its the little things that are most impactful

We love going the extra mile and adding fun and quirky elements to every event we work at. This wedding was no different. We took advantage of the sprawling greenery and created special memories for the couple and their bridal party using coloured smoke grenades and sparklers.

Additionally, we knew the couple had a sweet tooth and what better way to surprise the couple than with a sundae cart! After the main meal had been served, the couple and guests were treated to a wide variety of cold treats! They kept coming back for more! The gesture was greatly appreciated by the couple and this kind of feedback makes us blush (haha!).

Clearly, the groom had the same idea as us as he and his groomsmen had a special surprise dance planned for his bride at the start of the afterparty. It was a choreographed dance number to an R&B mash up that the couple shared special memories with. The performance was a hit and all the guests were thoroughly entertained by the gesture, leaving their seats in favour of the dance floor to witness the special moment first hand. Truly, the day felt like an R&B music video come to life and who doesn’t want to be in one of those?!

The afterparty was rocking

The dance floor remained occupied for the remainder of the afterparty as the crowd danced the night away. We even bumped into one of our previous couples at the wedding. we planned their wedding the previous year where Melissa and Kobina were guests ( talk about a full circle moment!) It was lovely to catch up with them and see them get down on the dance floor.

Also, as a fun easter egg for those who are familiar with the boy band, BROCKHAMPTON, you would be pleased to know that one of the members, (Merlyn) was present at the wedding.  He was pleasantly surprised when we recognised him. As a fan of the niche group, I’m amazed that I got to meet one of them (I already made sure to brag to all my friends haha!). This experience is definitely making it onto my list of personal fun facts moving forward!

As a final note, celebrating Melissa and Kobina was a pleasant experience complete with various surprises, funny and endearing moments. Although soft-spoken and gentle, they were the life of the party when it was time to let loose. From the garden area to the dance floor, this couple led the pack! We wish Melissa & Kobina nothing but many more years of love, laughter and joy ahead of them. #MKWeds!

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