Ble Azure & Ble Pavillon, ATHENS GREECE

a 4 day epic destination wedding in athens, the epicentre of ancient greek civilisation

Romantic sunsets, refreshing beaches, the azure-blue sea and other hidden beauties make Greece and its islands a treasure to be experienced. Its no surprise why it remains one of the world's number one pick for the most swoon-worthy wedding destinations!
Emi & Emmanuel's celebration spanned across 4 days with the couple and their guests enjoying a pre-wedding beach party, evening party and other fun activities in Athens! When the wedding day finally arrived after 2 crazy days of sun, sea, cocktails and parties, the ceremony took place in the green peninsula of Ble Azure in the picturesque Kalamaki area which set the perfect backdrop for the couple to recite their nuptials. Their evening reception was a combination of an indoor and outdoor space which allowed guests to enjoy the scenic views of the Aegean Sea but still have the option of keeping indoors.




We fondly recall this wedding as Emchella! As it can only be described in 3 words ‘Best. Night. Ever’! In true Nigerian style, everything about this wedding was about enjoyment! From the romantic ceremony against the Coastal backdrop and the delicious Greek food to the dinner-karaoke sessions. The couple did not stop going until 4am. After Party props, foam joysticks, hangover kits, slippers, dinner snacks, photo booth-you name it! Emi and Emmanuel left no stone unturned in what they wanted for their big day!


OUR WEDDING turned into a movie with the AFTR Team!

Gabby, Oyin, Larissa, Muireann and Titi!! Where do we begin!! Thank you guys, you are heaven sent!! Our wedding was nearly a disaster with the previous planner but it turned into a movie with the AFTR Team in a way we could never even expect. You are hands down the best vendor we hired for our wedding. 
The team has a great attention to detail and makes sure without a doubt that your every dream comes true on your wedding day, even the things you forget! Thank you once again! Not only do they live and breathe events, they are a joy to work with!