A Whirlwind Coastal Wedding At Island Art and Taste Athens

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Island Art and Taste 5 Star Venue Athens

Planning and successfully executing a destination wedding is not always smooth sailing. However, through the figurative and literal storms, Dami and Martin had a beautiful celebration of their Union! If we were to describe our experience with the Spooner wedding in 1 sentence, we would choose ‘all  you need is love!’.

The bride herself was one of the most organised brides we have ever worked with! Her attention to detail and vigour for taking account for the ‘boring’ aspects of wedding planning was refreshing to witness. She was coming for our job (haha)!

Furthermore, to every ying, there is a corresponding yang  (not to say the groom wasn’t every bit as detail oriented as the bride. He was just as organised!). It was clear through all the meetings and chats with them that they were a team in all things. The couple found the perfect balance of love, comfort and friendship in each other. We were privileged to witness their love story as their wedding planners.

A Relaxed Pre-Wedding Celebration 

One of the best things about destination weddings is the opportunity to do more with your  celebration. Instead of having one day of merriment  and romance,  why not make it 2-3 days? Let your guests use your wedding as an opportunity to book the much needed time off work and experience all that your chosen location offers!

Naturally, the Spooners took advantage of this and opted for a relaxed pre-wedding reception at a scenic beach side restaurant. There  was delicious food, strong drinks and good tunes to go round. This crowd set the right tone of what was to be expected of a destination wedding early on and had an amazing time .

The Fairytale Wedding  

The day started on a peaceful note with the bride and her bridesmaids prepping at their hotel. There was excitement in the air and even an added exclusivity. The couple and their guests made up majority of the population of the hotel. The wedding party were free to roam around and  utilise all the facilities of the Hotel.

Seaside Romance With A Stunning Island  View 

The couple chose this breathtaking venue for the spectacular view! They even chose their specific table placement so they are able to overlook the clear Aegean Sea  whilst gazing into their  eyes, how romantic!

Their wedding day was emotionally charged! From the speeches to the first dance and prayers, we were moved by the thoughtful words of wisdom and love from friends and family of the couple. We might have even shed a tear or 2 *proceeds to wipe tears in wedding folder*.

Following the  main dinner, the couple led all their guests to the dance floor for their first dance. This was followed by a surprise  fireworks display and sparklers as well as coloured smoke props to kick off the after party. This wedding was a one of a kind experience and we cant wait to plan more amazing weddings such as this one! 

After such a beautiful celebration, I am left with only one thing to say…. SPOOOONERRRRR! ( you had to be there to get it!).

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If you are in need of a wedding planner who fits the bill,   we would be delighted to hear from you. We have planned multiple destination weddings in locations such as Cyprus, NigeriaGreece,  Morocco,   the United kingdom and much more. You can get in touch with us by filling out the inquiry form on our Contact Page

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