Top 5 Locations For Planning A Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings

Do you ever  wonder why people would choose to celebrate their nuptials in a remote location on a beachfront  or in a cosy boutique hotel? Or what top locations would give you that swoon-worthy romantic getaway you’re after? Destination wedding locations are a sure way to achieve this sort of aesthetic as they offer the best landscapes-perfect to say ‘I Do’. Additionally, you will find that many global locations offer  picturesque backdrops and adventure-oriented facilities. However, if you are struggling to find inspiration of where to have your wedding, here are some of our favourite locations to get  you started with links to some of our favourite venues (in no particular order).


Need we say more, Italy is undoubtedly one of, if not the prime location to say your nuptials against a stunning backdrop. It just teems with a rich history and culture!From  ancient Cathedrals  and Castles dating as far back at 5 centuries  in Tuscany to  unrivalled  coastal backdrops and world famous wine, cuisine  and culture  in the Amalfi Coast and  Sicily, Italy is  a prime wedding location with many hidden gems waiting to be uncovered! Moreover, Italy has the spectacular romantic vibe and is definitely a place to consider taking the plunge no matter which city you choose!

 Some  venues we are fond of includes: Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Villa D’Este and Villa Sola Cabiatti.


Did you say ‘gorgeous wedding ceremony by the clear blue Aegean Sea?’ or ‘refreshing wedding reception on stunning grounds?’ If so, look no further than Greece. Greece is a fan favourite for destination wedding fairytales. You will be transported to a country rich in culture-the birthplace of ancient philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates alike not to talk of the delicious food! The Greek experience is like no other-Straight out of a romantic coming of age movie! (and im not only talking about  Mamma Mia!)

Evidently, Greece is a very good option to consider for your destination wedding if you’re hoping for an outdoor celebration with reliable weather. With a variety of cities to choose from; Athens, Santorini, Crete, Mykonos and so much more, the amorous feeling is all over the country. If youre not looking to plan  a wedding, why not consider  Greece  as a honeymoon destination? History has proved that there are many beautiful  historic locations as well as sea and land  activities to enjoy.

Some  venues we are fond of includes: Grand Resort Lagonissi, Nikki Beach Porto Heli, Island art and Taste and Kthma 48.


Morocco is the  perfect location for those who want a harmonious blend of rustic luxury! This North-west African country is now gaining a positive reputation for smaller intimate gatherings. However, there are many locations in Morocco that can accommodate larger guest numbers and still give off that ‘exclusive getaway’ feel. 

Apart from this, Morocco has an undeniable rustic charm from the Atlas mountain ranges and golden dunes to the wild  beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, this country is very alluring and can turn any casual gathering into a fiesta! Although the country is traditional at its core ,it has many  contemporary features to suit every type of crowd. 

 Some  venues we are fond of includes:Dar Sabra Hotel, Beldi Country club and Villa Taj.


Clear Beaches, stunning sunsets, perfect weather and  adventure. These are a few words that ca be used to  describe what you can expect to experience if you plan your wedding in Mexico!

Aesthetics aside,Mexico is arguably one of the most affordable destinations to plan an unforgettable wedding. Not to mention that this country is not as widely used for wedding celebrations. Be part of the exclusive club and consider a wedding in Mexico.

Experience not only the vibrant culture and rich ancient history of Mexico but the    authentic flavours of the North American cuisine  first hand.  Enjoy delectable food, numerous recreational activities and the refreshing outdoors  pre or post wedding. 

 Some  venues we are fond of includes: Royalton Riviera in Cancun, Chileno Bay Resort and Residences, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal and Nu Tulum.

Dominican Republic

Perhaps an unexpected pick to most but, this gorgeous country seems to be where everyone wants to get married lately! when you consider the rejuvinating scenery, beaches, and waterfalls  not to talk of  the abundance of  refreshing tropical fruits, authentic rum and cigars, The Dominican republic is the place to be for weddings. 

The Ambience in this country is perfect for couples that love to have a good time in the sun! It has a very modern rustic ambiance that many of your guests would appreciate. They would will remember your  wedding for years to come!

 Some  venues we are fond of includes: Westin Punta Cana Resort and Hilton La Romana Resort & Spa.

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Bisoye and Ona’s dreamy beachfront wedding wedding at Sencillo Beach house, Nigeria
Naomi and Fredi’s Rustic wedding celebration at Dar sabra Hotel, Morocco
Amy and Dayo’s Elegant Wedding Celebration at Druids Glen Hotel, Wicklow Ireland
Naomi and Fredi’s Rustic wedding celebration at Dar sabra Hotel, Morocco
Bukky and Emmanuel’s Rocking wedding celebration at Cabra Castle Hotel County Cavan, Ireland

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