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Hedsor House 4 Star Country house in Buckinghamshire

There are many words used to describe  what ‘love’ is. To some, ‘love’ is a fiery sensation that consumes you all over whilst to others, love is a soft, cosy and delicate feeling. It all depends on who you ask!  Moreover, in the context of  Ronke and Ian’s wedding. You may surmise that love-at its centre- is simply about celebrating the warmth you share together! 

More to this, the way we view love is subjective but, perhaps the best way to view  love is to look at it as a multifaceted concept! At AFTR, We draw inspiration from this multifacetedness. We curate bespoke experiences for all our clients regardless of if we plan your wedding from the very start of if we only  coordinate on the day.

Lets Talk About Hedsor House 

This  enchanting countryside house venue in  Buckinghamshire  is a dry hire venue that explodes  with quintessential English charm. It is as picturesque as it is versatile! A visit to this stunning venue   is enough to convince you why it has remained  a top choice wedding  venue amongst couples.

 Why Hedsor House ?

Hedsor house is a venue that is familiar to most people. It Is one of the first venues most couples come across when they want to have an elegant English Countryside wedding.

Ronke and Ian were no exception to this sentiment. They too were enamoured by the unique and  quirky, yet elegant interior as well as the freshly manicured grounds and rolling hills!They utilised all the  available event spaces for their Winter  wedding celebration of 150 guests.

Undoubtedly, the  charm  of each  space at Hedsor house  shines through in its natural state. The couple were conscious of this when considering the overall  aesthetic for their big day.

What  Was The Vision?

The couple opted for a fresh and delicate blush palette with hints of greenery to add texture! Just like the couple themselves, they wanted the celebration to focus on their love story. They wanted clean and simple elegance down to the softness of lighting. 

Generally, their wedding aesthetic was to create an  effortless and well- balanced feeling of visual harmony and finesse. We were able to work alongside the decorators of the  day to ensure that the couples vision came to life!

The Afterparty Takes On A New Life

Although the couple wanted the wedding reception to be as delicate and seamless as possible, this couple were not afraid to get down and party hard in the afterparty! The couple and their guests danced the night away accompanied by the show stopping vocal talents of a live band. 

Here at AFTR Events by Gabby Koya, We are committed to designing a wedding that reflects our client’s personality. We endeavour to execute the vision of how you wish to spend one of the most important days of your lives.Ronke and Ian’s weddings was one we will remember fondly for years to come!

Next Steps

If you are dreaming of a central London wedding at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, we would be delighted to hear from you. We have planned several weddings at this stunning venue before ( See a previous hedsor House Wedding we planned).You can get in touch with us by filling out the inquiry form on our Contact Page.

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